First batch of Vietnamese fresh lychees arrives in Japan

An initial tonne of fresh Vietnamese lychees arrived in Japan by air on June 20 as a way of further confirming the value of the nation’s agricultural products in this highly lucrative market, therefore offering greater opportunities for export market expansion in the future

first batch of vietnamese fresh lychees arrives in japan

Fresh Vietnamese lychees in Japan

In order to conduct the export of lychees to Japan, both side have been promoting the opening of the Japanese market since 2014, with a range of technology being introduced to preserve the freshness of the items in terms of steam handling, disinfection, and transportation. The inspection process had been conducted under the strict supervision of relevant agencies from both sides.

Approximately four tonnes of exports sent on June 18 were transported by sea. Following their arrival in the Far East nation they will then be offered for sale to AEON supermarket and outlets of importers such as VIENT Corporation, Yufruit, and Sunrise Farm.

Ta Duc Minh, Commercial Counselor in Japan, outlined how although Japan is not a major lychee import market, it still boasts great potential for development as most Japanese consumers are not familiar or do not know much about lychees, its taste, and how to consume them.

first batch of vietnamese fresh lychees arrives in japan

First batch of Vietnamese fresh lychees arrives in Japan

Consumption is most popular among Asians who are familiar with and like the taste of fresh lychee items. Therefore, promoting these products to Japanese people is an extremely necessary step because the harvest of lychee takes place in a relatively short space of time, meaning that the volume of export in one season is negligible, Minh added.

Therefore, producers must take into account products that have deep processing and added value such as frozen lychee, fresh lychee juice, lychee jelly, or other products made from lychee.

It is expected that approximately 200 tonnes of fresh lychee items will be successfully exported to the Japanese market over the course of year. Most notably, AEON Group of Japan is set to import 10 tonnes of fresh litchi, whilst Yufruit Company and Sunrise Farm will import two tonnes, and one tonne, respectively.

Source: VOV

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