Enterprises face difficulties in human resources after Covid-19

VCN – After Vietnam has controlled the Covid-19 pandemic, many enterprises have changed their human resource strategy.

enterprises face difficulties in human resources after covid 19
Human resource management of many enterprises has been changed. Illustrative photo

Try to retain employees

According to the General Statistic Office, by mid-April, nearly five millions employees were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Of which, the processing and manufacturing industry was most seriously affected with 1.2 million employees. The second was wholesale and retail industry with 1.1 million employees; and accommodation and catering services with 740,000 employees. Of five million employees affected by the pandemic, 59% were in casual unemployment, 28% worked on a rotating basis and 13% lost their jobs.

Mr. Pham Van Viet, Vice chairman of Vietnam Textile and Garment – Embroidery Association, Director General of Viet Thang Jeans Co., LTD, said that after the supply was broken from the Chinese side, textile and garment enterprises continued to face difficulties in suspension and cancelation of orders from the EU and US markets. Viet Thang Jeans is now making efforts to maintain production but only arrange employees to work on a rotating basis of one day on and one dayoff. To retain employees in this difficult time, about 50% enterprises in the association have shifted to production of masks and protective clothes to create employment.

“Enterprises have mainly invested in technology towards Industry 4.0, however, this industry also uses traditional technology that requires employees. Therefore, if 20-30% of employees stop working, the productivity will fall around 50-60%,” said Mr. Viet

Many scenarios developed

Stating clearly about human resources, Mrs. Tieu Yen Trinh, Chairman of Management Board, Director General of Talentnet, said that currently enterprises are paying attention to managing costs and retaining workers as well as costs related to operation and human resources. Accordingly, human resource management of many enterprises has been changed.

“The development of scenarios on human resources plays an important role in recruitment after the pandemic, which has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages come from abundant applicants (the number of employees who are unemployed increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic), attitude and inquiry of applicants for vacancies will be better than before. However, the disadvantages are that enterprises must have an overall plan to arrange employees in an appropriate and specific manner to take advantages of the human resources market. Besides, recruitment after the pandemic also faces difficulties. Positions to meet the trend of changing business and administrative activities of enterprises from the traditional method (offline) to online or digitalization will have high demand for recruitment but the supply in the market has been unable to keep up,” said Trinh.

She also said that, in the wave of investment shifting, especially when Vietnam is being appreciated in the global market, in the near future, many investors will come to Vietnam to open factories and facilities after Vietnam controlled the pandemic well. Consequently, the recruitment demand of some specific industries is still very high. Therefore, a scenario on human resources not only in the Covid-19 pandemic but also after the pandemic will always be a need for enterprises, thereby avoiding confusion for employees and demonstrating the organization’s disorientation.

Currently, the trend of job shifting is being popularized in retail, insurance, banking and real estate enterprises. Accordingly, the staff of the main operation division will be trained to move into sales. The fixed income of employees will also decrease and be replaced by income from sales.

enterprises face difficulties in human resources after covid 19 Listing a series of State-owned enterprises makinghuge losses and debts

From the perspective of the person in charge of human resources of Nam Duong Trading and Service Co., Ltd, Mrs. Can Thu Ha, said that the human resources are stabilized waiting for a good control of the pandemic and then trained professionally, then new recruitment for vacancies requiring high-level employees will be conducted. That will be a wise step for enterprises that have demand for expanding operations or recruiting new employees.

By Xuan Thao/ Huyen Trang

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